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    how to find all portlets instance id

    Sully Zhang Newbie

      how to find all portlets instance id in Gatein, there are about 50 portlets in my project.


      such as:

      name:Associates,    id:49c92516-f7bd-4ced-874d-4fda160d6be0

      name:Associates,    id:81e57332-367a-416e-b5c0-0e963f2e88d8

      name:Bulletin  Board,id:2aaec28c-581d-4953-99ff-3cc96faffbb0

      name:Role,              id:feca51cb-f852-4389-ac67-f944ee61cb53






      i want to develop a menu like google personalized page(left area menu). when click some portlet, make it to maximized.

      so i need to know to all portlet instance id and use like as follows:


      <a onclick="eXo.portal.UIPortalControl.changeWindowState('204bf653-f86c-4048-b61f-7a9ef258b629', 'maximized');">portlet name</a>



      Much thanks....