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    How to avoid a4j:support in a4j:commandLink?

    sergio martin Newbie

      Hello everybody.


      Someone told me that I don´t need a4j:support inside a a4j:commandLink because support is  already included in commandLink. The thing is that i´m new to richfaces, and I don´t know how to include in the commandLink the support that I actually have in my  code (see below) .


                       <a4j:commandLink reRender="results-view" action="#{actionsContainer.userManagementActions.loadUser}" title="Edit" styleClass="edit">
                              <f:param name="userName" value="john"/>
                              <h:outputText value="Edit" /> <small>Edit user<b></b></small>
                              <a4j:support event="onclick">
                                  <f:setPropertyActionListener value="../user-mng/users-edit.xhtml" target="#{layout.displayAs}" />


      Thanks in advance for your help!