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    How to disable a single queue in a cluster?

    Ben Schofield Novice

      Two questions in one but very related:


      1) If I have clustered HQ instances h1,h2 and h3 each with queue q1 defined.  How can I prevent messages from landing on a single instance of q1 without stopping any hq instance nor any producing clients?  For example,  how do I stop h2-q1 from receiving messages and have all the messages from h2 clients end up on h1-q1 and h3-q1?  Something similar to the pause management operation except for the server receive.  I do not want to impact any messaging occuring to other queues q2, q3, etc.


      2) How to achieve the same as question one when h1, h2 and h3 are not clustered and the clients are using client side round robin load balancing across all three instance of hornetq?