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    ManyToOne & lazy initialization

    Rob Pridham Newbie



      I'm fairly sure this is a simple task, but I can't find much about it, so please bear with me.


      I've got an audited entity called Category. When something happens to one of them, on update or persist, I want to create change reports. Therefore I pull the last copy up using AuditReader and compare its properties. For the simple properties, this works fine.


      However Category also has a 'parent' property, another Category. getParentCategory() is annotated with @ManyToOne.


      When I try to pull this from my Category object, I get a lazy initialization handler, and thus getParentCategory().getWhatever() returns null. I see it has the parent's correct ID in the handler's details, which would be enough for my purposes, but I can't get at that.


      I don't want to merge the old object back in, only examine it. I've tried annotating getParentCategory() with:


      @ManyToOne(optional = true, fetch=FetchType.EAGER)


      but it has no effect.


      What can I do?