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    JBoss Messaging creates 1 thread per consumer MDB

    kusuma seshavarapu Newbie



      We are having serious performance issues with JBossMessaging. Our application has a requirement to have n number of local queues and n number of remote MDbs where n is the no. of remote applications it is connecting to. What we have observed is that JBoss Messaging creates 1 thread per consumer MDB and also opens up some RMITCP connection threads for each application it is connecting to. This is not scalable as we increase the number "n". Is there a way to optimize the threadpool across the MDBs like in weblogic JMS? We are using JbossAS4.2.3 with JBossMessaging 1.4.4

      We recently migrated to JBossMessaging as MQ was creating 3 blocking threads for each MDB but even JbossMessaging does not seem to scale.