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    Urgent please - FaultTo functionality seems not working

    ShravanKumar Raju Newbie

      Dear Experts,


      currently we are evaluating JBossESB. we are trying to implement the rollback feature using FaluTo endpoint functionality.


      Client is JMS(esb unaware), the entry service is the gateway which does the conversions and posts the message onto appropriate service using ServiceInvoker calss deliverAsync method. and the service instance will have many actions in the pipeline most of them are soap calls to 3PV servers.


      the idea is when any soap call fails, the message shall be redirected to the fault service refferred by FaultTo EPR. have done it as below just before posting the message to appropriate service from the entry service


      msg.getHeader().getCall().setFaultTo(new LogicalEPR("sagcore", "FaultHandler"));

      new ServiceInvoker(category, serviceName).deliverAsync(msg);


      am not seeing message is being received on the faulthandler service. and also am not seeing control is getting stopped when any action(SOAP call ) in the pipeline yeilds any error.


      Could someone pls help me in making it to work.

      have POC demo scheduled in couple of days, still struggling to make it works.


      Thanks a lot,



      +++++++++++++++++++++++++++Adding more to it anticipating quick help++++++++++++++++++++

      System.out.println("going to throw ActionProcessingFaultException");
                      logger.debug("just before throwing exception - ActionProcessingFaultException ");
                  throw new ActionProcessingFaultException(message,"fault to test");


      have included in one of the action in the pipeline which has got processException implemented.

      exception is being thrown and surprisingly the processException method also not getting invoked. nothing is getting stopped on throwing exception. it's just printed on console.


      I'm using JBOSS-ESB 4.8

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          Kevin Conner Master

          How is your service configured?  What are you seeing?



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            ShravanKumar Raju Newbie

            Hi Conner,


            there was problem in my code that which was handling exception with in action procee method, so was unable to receive the message in faultmessage handler(to which have set the message faultTo endpoint).


            however have observed one thing that.

            have a action pipeline of 10 actions(3 of one action type(xslt action -custom action, and another action for soap params preparation again it's a custom action, and SOAP client -custom class again from which SOAPClient(jboss built in) process method will be invoked.


            am seeing all the processException methods are getting the message at the time of fault occured.


            suppose let's say on action pipeline containing 10 actions 7th action is failed, during that action - process exception will set one property(responseDelivered) to message hoping that will be used across remaining actions- process exceptions method to check wether response has been sent to appropriate exit endpoint or not. which is failing.


            Could you please suggest any alternative?