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    How to update the editor external images list with JBoss 5.1?

    Eric Ford Newbie

      The richfaces:editor properties allows specifying an "external_image_list_url" to enable the advanced mode of the imageHandler plug-in.  That property points to a javascript file containing the list of available images.  With JBoss 4.x it was possible to have that url point to a file in a "virtual", physically external directory.  That capability, in turn, facillitated dynamic updates to the file which meant newly uploaded images could be made immediately available within the editor.  JBoss 5.1 no longer supports creating "virtual" directories using <Context> nodes in the server.xml file.  Since that was the mechanism used to enable referencing an external directory, the utility of the richfaces:editor imageHandler plugin has been severly degraded (IMHO).


      I realize this is a JBoss issue but it has a significant impact on RichFaces.  I'm looking for suggestions to overcome this problem.