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    RF-2218; dataTable binding causes restore view problem with

    Matthew Fischer Newbie


      Thank you for this fix...I finally got to a point where I could safely implement it and it appears to be working fine.

      I haven't migrated to MyFaces 1.2 yet, but I am curious...Is the context-param (see below if you need a reminder) entry in web.xml file necessary when I used the latest richfaces?



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      Nick Belaevski resolved RF-2218.

      Resolution: Won't Fix
      Assignee: Tsikhon Kuprevich (was: Nick Belaevski)

      MyFaces serializes state by default, but RichFaces does not.

      Concurrent modification of component's AttributesMap causes this bug.

      Please set:


      for this issue to work properly

      dataTable binding causes restore view problem with back button and navigation


      Key: RF-2218
      URL: https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/RF-2218

      Project: RichFaces
      Issue Type: Bug
      Affects Versions: 3.1.4
      Environment: Tomcat v5.5, RichFaces 3.1.4.GA, tomahawk 1.1.5, myFaces 1.1.5, Windows XP Pro SP2 v2002

      Reporter: Matt Fischer
      Assignee: Tsikhon Kuprevich
      Fix For: 3.2.2

      Attachments: navtest.war

      Original Estimate: 2 days
      Remaining Estimate: 2 days

      To summarize the problem: Two pages, one request scoped bean, navigation rule from page1 to page2, redirect: no, both dataTables bound to same UIData property in the request scoped bean.

      Open page one, click the link, navigate to page 2 OK - Click browser back button, click link on Page 1, navigate to Page 2 OK BUT displays Page 1 PLUS Page 2 results (side by side).

      I have created a Request Scoped Bean, and two pages; page1.jsp and page2.jsp.
      I have a navigation rule to go from page1 to page2, redirect: no.
      There is a dataTable on both pages, page1 outputs one column that has a commandLink with action="success", forcing navigation to page 2.

      Both dataTables bind to a UIData property in the Request Scoped Bean. I have included .war files so it can be tested.

      1. The first issue I get when I click the link on page1 is duplicate id error.

      2. If I add an id tag to the t:outputText on page2.jsp then there is no duplicate id error, but I get the problem described above.

      If the binding is removed, there is no problem. I also have no problem with ajax4jsf - my production code is using the pre-combined version. I am putting out a new production release and wanted to use the latest richfaces 3.1.4.GA (the combined version).

      See .war file

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