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    New to Cache, Need some answers.

    Nachiket Patel Newbie

      Hello guys,
      I am reading and trying to make prototype application using JBoss cache.
      If i'll success in that, it will be implemented in our system, I am sure i'll get good help here.


      1. Is there any book for Cache, unable to find?

      Is there any detailed documents then user guide?? It does not have documentation of all the configuration properties like IsolationLevel,

      3. In test, when i disconnect network of two computer and update single map, using two different machine [disconnected], after connection, it got sync after 30-sec to 90-sec time period. How to reduce it, As we want to use it in Wi-Fi network.

      4. With Case 3 only, Event listener does not get any events, of attaching of objects or transaction. Why is that? Does it copy complete map??