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    Simple action routing without Drools?

    Ron Olson Newbie

      Hi all-


      I've been trying to come up with a way to implement a basic security model integrated with actions; I want to have an action run a database query using JDBC to verify some data from the message, and if the verification fails, send the message to a "not authorized" service, otherwise continue with the action chain.


      I've been reading through the documentation and the "ContentBasedRouter" seems like something that might work (though not exactly, as regex/xpath is a bit overkill, it seems).


      Drools seems like it might do the trick, but it feels awfully "heavy" for what I'm trying to do; my "rule" is a single simple if-then, and it's something I want to implement at a very low level; you can either do this thing or you can't, based on the result of the query.


      Might anyone have any suggestions how I might do this, without resorting to something like Drools? I'm willing to use Drools if that's the only way, but I figure that the ESB must have something like this built in, and I just haven't found it.