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    reRender HtmlPanelGroup children

    sv kap Newbie



      I have some problems with rerendering of HtmlPanelGroup. I have tried using HtmlAjaxCommandLink + rerender, HtmlAjaxSupport + onclick + rerender but nothing works. I assume that just the component cannot be found to be rerendered but I do not know why. Here is my jsf page:



      My backing bean is generating the content. In short I have 3 HtmlPanelGroups generated inside (as children) and each of them has several children. When I click on the command link panelRoot.getChildren().clear(); is called, all children are generated again with different values and finally the new HtmlPanelGroups are added to panelRoot as children. I can see that in the backing bean the children are generated as expected but the panelRoot is not rerendered. Here is part of my code:



              HtmlAjaxCommandLink linkNextPage = new HtmlAjaxCommandLink();
              linkNextPage.setId("linkNextPage_id_" + uniqueId);
      //        HtmlAjaxSupport asNextPage = new HtmlAjaxSupport();
      //        asNextPage.setId("ajax_nextPage_id_" + uniqueId);
      //        asNextPage.setEvent("onclick");
      //        asNextPage.setReRender("panelRoot_id");
      //        linkNextPage.getChildren().add(asNextPage);


      Thank you.