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    Setting Selected Node programatically in <rich:tree/>

    David Chokhonelidze Newbie


      I am developing web application and use richfaces tree component ,i need that when user types node name in search box and clicks search button , the node will be selected, i have treeController class but i dont know how to set selected node from java code side, so here is my tree:


      public class FiListTreeController {
              private HtmlTree tree;
              private HtmlTreeNodesAdaptor treeNodeAdaptor;
              private Log log;
              public HtmlTree getTree() {
                      return tree;
              public void setTree(HtmlTree tree) {
                      this.tree = tree;
              public HtmlTreeNodesAdaptor getTreeNodeAdaptor() {
                      return treeNodeAdaptor;
              public void setTreeNodeAdaptor(HtmlTreeNodesAdaptor treeNodeAdaptor) {
                      this.treeNodeAdaptor = treeNodeAdaptor;
              public void setSelectedNode(String name) {
                      System.out.println("Setting Selected Node.....");

      and here is my tree:


      <rich:tree binding="#{TreeController.tree}" id="fiTree" switchType="client">
                  <rich:treeNodesAdaptor binding="#{TreeController.treeNodeAdaptor}"  nodes="#{bTSession.bTypes}" var="bt">
                      <rich:treeNode >

      can anyone tell me how to do that from java code? is that really possible?