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    Modalpanel inside of table?

    Matthew Pickell Newbie

      I know i have read on this list, and possibly elsewhere, that modal panels should not be placed inside tables -- but they should be placed AFTER the table, and have the content dynamically updated.


      I have a situation where I dynamically create the modal panel (it is a panel group until I dynamically create it) inside a table when a button is pushed.  There is one button per row, so the modal panel is created for that row when the button is pressed, and removed from the page when the modal panel is closed.  I am having an issue where the sorting of the table gives me errors AFTER I have opened an closed a modal panel.


      So my questions is:  Why should the modal panel NOT be placed inside the table?  What are the potential issues with it?   I am hoping that once I determine why this shouldn't be done, I can determine why I am getting the errors I am getting.