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    Facing issue with the date interval trigger when deployed in JBOSS related to DST

    Saurabh Valsangkar Newbie

      I am trying to create a biweekly job using DateIntervalTrigger. I am using quartz 1.7.3 jar and also I tried with latest 1.8.0 jar.
      When I create a job by place java application it is working fine. And it is also taking care of DST changes. But when I run it in JBOSS the trigger is scheduled 1 hour later in case of DST.
      For e.g. I create a job to run biweekly on wednesday 3rd March at 4:00PM on 17th March it runs at 5:00PM on JBOSS.
      Does anybody know what could be going wrong? If I need to do something else to make it work on JBOSS?
      Saurabh V.