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    Making basic PicketBox authentication sample working in JBoss AS 6.0

    Sergey Beryozkin Newbie



      I'm trying to update some existing JBossWS authentication code to use PicketBox API, as shown at [1]. I'm working with JBoss AS trunk.


      Specifically, $JBossAS/server/default/conf/login-config.xml contains application policy definitions for various domains, such as JBossWS, etc.

      I'm trying to do the code like this (just omitting try/catch/finally for brewity):


      // to be configured

      String configFile = "conf/login-config.xml";
      PicketBoxConfiguration idtrustConfig = new PicketBoxConfiguration();


      this throws ConfigurationStreamNullException during the test.


      Initial question : what is the correct way to specify the name of the configuration file (login-config.xml) shipped with JBoss AS ?


      cheers, Sergey


      P.S. By the way, only picketbox-bare-3.0.0.Beta5 (no picketbox-bare-3.0.0.Beta6) is available in Maven repos


      [1] https://community.jboss.org/wiki/PicketBoxAuthentication