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    a4j:push never stops sending HEAD requests

    Stefan Meier Newbie



      we use the push component in our application. I was surprised about the amount of HEAD Requests in our log.


      If found RF-7915 which is marked as resolved, but i think the bug is still there. You can reproduce the behavior on

      the demo site: http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/push.jsf?c=push&tab=usage

      After pressing "stop" HEAD requests are still sent.


      It is possible to fix the problem?

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          I just visited the demo page and checked in FireBug that HEAD requests not sent after stop pressed.

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            Stefan Meier Newbie

            You are right, the push component works correctly on the demo site...I've forgotten to clear my browser cache:

            If i first use our application and then try the demo site, the bug seems to be there (I suppose there are some scripts from our application (based on RF 3.3.1) in  my browser cache)


            After clearing browser cache, the push component works correctly.


            One question: I cannot see any svn commits concerning this bug. It possible that you list the changed script file so that we can patch our 3.3.1 version? Our clients use Firefox 2.0 and at the moment we have no possibility to upgrade them. I remember that RF 3.3.3 doesn't support FF 2.0 anymore.