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    Post ALPHA 2 works planning discussion

    Ilya Shaikovsky Master


      list of components used by admin-console in the past and not implemented in RF 4 for A2:

      • modalPanel (popupPanel in 4.x)
      • panel
      • simpleTogglePanel
      • spacer
      • tree/rich:treeNode/treeAdaptors


      And here is the list which is marked with 3-rd priority there except ones above:

      • apply
      • include
      • keepAlive
      • graphValidator
      • lists(DL, OL, UL)
      • dataGrid
      • suggestionBox(combo vs suggestion)
      • selectBox
      • panel
      • simpleTogglePanel
      • togglePanel/toggleControl
      • insert
      • jQuery
      • layout/layoutPanel


      And here is some components which are not in the lists above but as I think could be usefull for richfaces-showcase further development:

      • tabPanel
      • panelBar or PanelMenu



      Except that we have much postponed post-A2 activities related to tables/core features(partial updates)/queuing(logical queues) and some other. In general we should also go through the Issues which are currently targetted for M1 to make picture more clear. There are too much issues and many of them related to components which even not planned for implementation in A2.


      Quick question which also should be answered for the planing discussion:

      • does admin console still need all the components listed and when them expect us to be done with them?


      So we have to carefully choose the components/features/existent components improvements tasks - to have next release in reasonable timeframe.


      My quick thought on that:

      • dataTables postponed features should be finished in next iteration. Many of them are highly popular ones from 3.3 and should be done in order the community to choose our iteration components as really rich ones.
        • partial updates in iteration components feature should be also finished as other complex components will require it also and we should finish "prototyping" and clearly see the restrictions and problems for future requirements adjustments.
      • I guess we already in agreement that client validation works should be started in next iteration.
      • Also from core we have message(s)(not sure but was under discussion to postpone), include and apply in list. Could continue at least with messages (will need for Client validation also) and include(just really popular core component)
      • As for me personally - I think that Tree components - too complex task to include in next release because too much other maintance/improvements work and those components are also big ones which required much efforts.
      • I prefer to go with set of layout components(panel, popup, toggle, tab) which are - more granular tasks, more easier for implementation and used more extensively(base layouts pieces for any applications)
      • Also we could pick remained simple data iteration components for implementation(grid, lists) as base component already there and those ones should not be complex for impl.
      • I think we could postpone general layouts components in order to have more time for general design of the whole set
        • do we still will use YUI as a base?
        • additional features - splitters, collapse/expand functionality and so on?
        • additional layouts in the set and base for them(dashboards?)
      • Also think that could postpone two inputs(suggestion/combo and select) in that list and migrate them together with other ones which are now has 4-th priority. My thought that the list seems already full with all the proposals above in order inputs to go into the same iteration.