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    reRender  rich:datatable

    chenna rao Newbie

      Hi All,
      In our application,
      We have a search page, after giving Input, it displays search result.
      For that we are using rich:datatable.
      One of the columns has an image, after clicking on that image some tree has to display in the left hand side of the data table.
      So I have two Panel groups one is for Tree structrue and other for Data table,
      By default we need to display Data table only. particular tree structure needs to display when clicking on data table column.
      For displaying tree, I need to pass some values from data table column,
      so im using <a4j:commandLink> with param attributes inside it.

      when i click that command link i need to rerender only tree part, but it is loading whole page, so requiring DB call for Data table again,

      How can i rerender only Tree panel group?
      I tried reRender="treepartId" in the a4j:commandLink, but it is not working.
      We are using richfaces 3.2.1 GA