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    Customize url for esb service http-gateway ?

    Anders Jespersen Newbie

      We have a working service in JBoss ESB 4.7, to which we can post a string via a http-gateway:


      <service category="Orwell" name="PriceForecastService" invmScope="GLOBAL" description="Receive a priceforecast" >
        <http-gateway name="Http" urlPattern="esb-price-forecast/*" payloadAs="STRING"/>
      <actions mep="RequestResponse"><-- ... --></actions>
      This works, but the URL becomes:
      Since we prefer to include the version number built by maven on the esb-deployment-file, this becomes something like:
      Clients will then have to update their url whenever we deploy a new version (or we will have to maintain a rewrite or some similar setup)
      Is there any way to change:
      1. context-name for the entire ESB-service - eg deploying the file 'service-1.00.esb' yields a context 'service', not 'service-1.00'
      2. set an absolute url-pattern for the http-gateway - I tried urlPattern with '/pattern', but that is ignored, as far as I can tell