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    Issue with 302 response and IE 6 and 8

    Paul Fife Newbie

      I have an application that is protected with Oracle Access Manager and is "wrapped" in security externally such that when the login expires, the user is redirected to a login page (via a HTTP 302) without the application back-end getting hit.


      I am handling a login expiring in javascript by adding an A4J.AJAX.onError handler. When the user selects a component that initiates an AJAX call in Firefox the error handler gets called and I force a reload of the page. This makes the login page work as expected.


      In IE (both 6 and 8 were tried), the error handler does not get called. In fact, it appears the 302 is being followed and being displayed in the browser. It appears this way because URL bar still displays the application URL, and not the login URL and any images/etc. on the login screen are not pulled in. This page is not functional, however, if I take an action here is will force a reload of the login page through the browser following the 302.


      I have seen others with similar issues that were able to solve this with filters on the application end. Since my application does not get called in this case, I don't have this option and something would need to get handled on the browser side.


      Is there something I am missing, or is this an issue with IE in this instance?


      Thanks for any help!

      Paul Fife