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    unable to invoke set Method of bean?

    praveen jain Novice

      i have a text box

       <t:inputText style="width: 400px;" value="#{mainBind.customWizard.clusterName}" id="clstrname"></t:inputText>

      and a command button
      <a4j:commandButton id="btnWizardBack" type="submit"
       style="width: 60;" immediate="true"
       action="#{mainBind.customWizard.back}" value="Back"
       reRender="panelWizard2, btnWizardNext, btnWizardBack" />

      when i press the button the value of textbox is not passing to beans.
      i place some code in set method of bean then i came to know set method is not invoking althoug get is invoking .
      what i have to do?