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    Problem in starting JBoss

    Eleanore Eleanore Newbie

      Hi there.

      One month ago I decided to use JBoss for developing my applications with EJBs, using my laptop. Everything worked great. So this morning I decided to install JBoss on m desktop pc, using the following configuration:

      • JBoss 5.0.0 for jdk6
      • jdk 6 update 20
      • the newest version of jre
      • Eclipse as editor and deployment environment


      I configured Eclipse to have JBoss as a server, then I launched my application on the server, I seemed to work, then I received this message

      10:04:50,687 INFO  [ServerImpl] JBoss (Microcontainer) [5.0.0.GA (build: SVNTag=JBoss_5_0_0_GA date=200812042120)] Started in 27s:33ms

      and then Eclipse got stuck, saying "Starting JBoss...".

      Any idea?


      Thank you for the attention.


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          Wolfgang Knauf Master



          as far as I know, Eclipse/WebTools Platform tries to ping the server through port 8080 to detect whether it is started or not. So, could you verify that your JBoss listens to this port, and that it is not blocked by a firewall?


          Best regards



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            Eleanore Eleanore Newbie

            The only firewall that is active on my computer is the one that Windows Vista provides. I tried to disable it, but the result is still the same. How can I understand if Eclipse can ping JBoss?

            It's really weird, because it seems from the log in the console that there aren't errors.

            Yesterday I tried to remove all the stuff that I installed, and I replaced it with a new installation (with the same software versions), but Eclipse still doesn't recognise the activity of JBoss. I would expect to find in the console some errors, or exceptions, but JBoss seems to be up and running, till the moment that Eclipse shut it down. And I can't figure out why.

            Any ideas?


            Maybe tonight I'll try to install a virtual machine (Windows XP? maybe) and to install in there all the softwares that are needed to get EJBs work. Otherwise I can't find a solution.



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              Peter Johnson Master

              Try installing JBoss Tools into Eclipse and create the server using the JBoss Community option that Tools provides.


              Also use netstat, or better yet TCPView from sysinternals, to determine which ports JBoss AS opened. It should open ports 1099 and 1098 (and a few others). Those are the ports that Eclipse uses to ascertain that JBoss AS is running - it goes to JNDI to obtain the JMX connection manager and from there gets the Server mbean, and uses that mbeans ststus property to determine if the server is running. You could look at the Eclipse log file (workspace/.log) and see if that records where in the process Eclipse ran into problems.


              Finally, try searching for "Eclipse timeout", as this issue has been discussed numerous time before.