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    a4j support event not being raised in tomcat 6.0 deployment

    Ashok Kumar Newbie

      I have a seam 2.1.1.ga app deployed to a tomcat 6.0 server.

      I am finding that the a4j support events are not being raised at all. Here's how I have set up the .xhtml for it :

      <a:support ajaxSingle="true" event="onchange"

      I have not defined any ajax4jsf filter in web.xml as it is not required in a seam 2.1.1.ga environment.

      Any help on how I can debug this is appreciated.

      The same app that was deployed to a jboss 5.0 environment is not having the problem.

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          Ashok Kumar Newbie

          on examining the source as rendered by the browser, I do not see a onchange ajax handler for the jsf control for which a4j:support has been declared. i.e source should have had a handler like this : onchange="A4J.AJAX.Submit(..)"

          The question then is, who is dropping the ball.

          Here's the xhtml for which there is no onchange handler being generated in html

          <h:selectOneMenu id="busCat" value="#{account.businessCategory}">
          <a:support event="onchange"
           reRender="busCat,busSubCat" ajaxSingle="true"/>
           <f:selectItems id="businessCategories"
           value="#{categoryManager.categories}" />
           <h:selectOneMenu id="busSubCat"
           <f:selectItems value="#{categoryManager.subCategories}" />