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    inplaceSelect problems

    Chris Au Newbie

      Hi All,


        I am trying to use inplaceSelect in my code. But then I found that the dropdown box will contain a vertical scrollbar anyway whenever there are more than one item.


        After studying from the demo code, I found that the font size was explicitly set to a smaller one so that there will not be any scroll bar. But I don't think that is a solution as I believe it is a reasonable request to set the font size according to our own needs.


        I tried to set the attribute listHeight to a greater value in order to make the vertical bar disappear, but the generated code just seem to have ignored the height I set and determine the height by itself according to the list size. I also tried to override the CSS on "rich-inplace-select-list-scroll" but still failed. "editClass" was also tried but no success either.


        Could anyone kindly provide me a workaround or solution on how could I get ride of the vertical scroll bar without setting a smaller font?


        Thanks a lot.