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    How to display status page when application is down?

    nick wolf Newbie

      Hi fellas,


      JBOSS 5.1.0 is displaying a blank page when my application is unavalable for some reason(lets i am redeploying in the background).


      is there a way to display a static page telling users that "currently application is unavailable" when app is not available?





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          Zemian Deng Apprentice

          I don't think this has nothing to do with JBoss serving blank pages. If your app is not available, how is JBoss going to know what to serve the request?


          To do what you want with a simple webapp setup, you can try is this:


          1. Create an static html page in your ROOT.war/your-webapp-name/index.html

          2. Deploy your webapp with same name as <your-webapp-name>.war


          With this, your default url access of http://localhost/your-webapp-name will load the static page at first, and as soon as your webapp is successfully loaded, it will overwrite that path.

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            jboss q Newbie

            to do so, edit web.xml in your server/xxx/deployers/jbossweb.deployer directory to add the following:


            myerroy.html is the customized page you want to display when app is not available. (myerror.html need to be larger than 512 bytes , otherwise some browsers would not load your customized error page)


            then put the myerror.html to the root context app of your jboss instance, the default root context app is ROOT.war which is located in your server/xxx/deploy directory.

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