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    KeepAlive View scope and MyFaces aliasBean

    Rand Asin Novice

      I have two questions concerning the use of RichFaces KeepAlive annotation.


      First, I noticed when used with MyFaces <t:aliasBean>, KeepAlive is being ignored and new instance of my view-scope bean is created and treated like request scope.  Is this a bug or is it simply beyond the scope of RichFaces and will not be officially supported?


      Second, what's the correct way to retrieve the view-scope managed bean from another managed bean?  For example, to get a session scope bean A from bean B, I have always get it from session.getAttribute(<Bean A's name>) or use ELContext (i.e. ctx.getELResolver().getValue(ctx, null, name);).


      Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks.