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    Adding empty String as SelectItem to rich:comboBox

    Leonid Sokolin Newbie

      I have noticed that I couldn't add empty String as SelectItem to rich:comboBox.


      After I do that, it stops showing all values for this combo box.


      For example, I have the following Java code to populate combo box with values:


              private List<SelectItem> templateOwnersList =

      new Vector<SelectItem>();


              private String templateOwner;




      //  templateOwnersList.add(new SelectItem("", ""));


      templateOwnersList = new Vector<SelectItem>();


      final List<String> owners = templateMgr.getTemplateOwners();


      for ( final String curOwner : owners)



           templateOwnersList.add(new SelectItem(curOwner, curOwner));



      Commented line makes all added values unavailable.


      Front end is as follows:





      rich:comboBox id="owner" width="160" value="#{qtBeanParam.templateOwner}" enableManualInput="false" >




      <f:selectItems id="templateOwnerList" value="#{qtBeanParam.templateOwnersList}" />





      Would appreciate, if somebody would explain, if it is indeed a bug.