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    Problem with filter in extendedDataTable + dataScroller

    Dariusz Stachyra Newbie


      I've 2 problem with filtering in extendedDataTable and reRendering data in table and dataScroller.


      1. When I type first letter in filter textBox, then filter doesn't work, but when i type second letter, filter work with previous (first letter) value.

      What I doing wrong? I check solutions, but i can't fix it.


      This is my view file:


                value="#{internalRevenueDataModel}" var="rowInternalRevenue" id="internalRevenueList"
                width="900px" height="320px" rows="10" 
                <rich:column width="5%">
                     <f:facet name="header">Id</f:facet>
                     <h:outputLabel value="#{rowInternalRevenue.id}" />
                <rich:column id="col_2" width="50%" label="Internal Revenue name"
                     sortable="true" sortBy="#{rowInternalRevenue.nameSorterFilter}" 
                     filterBy="#{rowInternalRevenue.nameSorterFilter}" filterEvent="onkeyup" >
                     <f:facet name="header">Name</f:facet>
                     <h:outputPanel value="#{rowInternalRevenue.name}" />
                <f:facet name="footer">
                     <rich:datascroller id="scroller" ajaxSingle="false" renderIfSinglePage="false" align="center" for="internalRevenueList" />


      (*) But, when I add


      <a4j:support event="onkeyup" reRender="internalRevenueList" ignoreDupResponses="true" requestDelay="1000" />


      in extendedDataTable tag, it work but my filter TextBox lose focus.


      2. Data scroller reRender doesn't work in case when filter work.


      I use:

      RichFaces 3.3.1 G.A.

      JBossSeam 2.2.0

      JBoss AS 5.1