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    Service architecture using SOAPProcessor & EJBProcessor

    Matthew S Newbie

      Hello there,


      There is an RMI-based service provider A which I would like to expose to client B as a WebService.

      To do it I create an ESB service (base on webservice_producer sample) which is using SOAPProcessor.

      Here is the code (stripped for visibility):




      <service category="SiusSellerService" name="WSWrapper" description="WS Frontend speaks natively to the ESB">
              <jbr-listener name="Http-Gateway" busidref="Http-1" is-gateway="true"/>
              <jms-listener name="JMS-ESBListener" busidref="SiusSellerServiceEsbChannel"/>
              <action name="JBossWSAdapter" class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.soap.SOAPProcessor">
                  <property name="jbossws-endpoint" value="ServiceProviderAWS"/>


      ServiceProviderAWS is a simple JWS, like the one in sample. Inside I call service A like this:



      Registry registry =  LocateRegistry.getRegistry(RMI_REG_HOST,RMI_REG_PORT);

      RemoteRMIService service = (RemoteRMIService) registry.lookup(SERVICE_NAME);

      someList = service.getSomethingMethod();


      return someList;



      It works quite fine.


      Now I have another service provider - E - it is EJB 3.0 with some methods. I would also like to expose it to client B as a WS.

      I'm wondering how to do it. My idea is to create two new Actions: EJBProcessor and MyCustomAction.



      Action pipeline would look like this:

      MyCustomAction ----->EJBProcessor ------>SOAPProcessor



      MyCustomAction would take the ESBMessage, extract what is the name of the method that WSClient B wants to call on the WS (the one backing EJB), save the name in the body of the ESBMessage - keyed for example with  'method-to-call'.


      EJBProcessor would use value  'method-to-call' as a value for 'method' property. Call EJB and put returned value in ESBMessage's body as 'ret-val'.


      ServiceProviderAWS would not call RMI service as in the code above but would simply do smth like that:

      someList = esbMessage.getBody().get('ret-val');


      And SOAP response, prepared by ServiceProviderAWS, would be at the end sent to the client B, who called the WS.



      Could you tell me if this is a right way to do it?