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    Candidate for Tuxedo replacement.

    Pieter Janse van Rensburg Newbie

      We are busy performing research into a replacement for Tuxedo, and naturally I would need to know some things, which is not directly answered in the project page or wiki. If it is at all possible, is there any information regarding the following:


      • Project adoption - is there any commercial interest in the project, i.e. is it being deployed in mission critical applications.
      • Benchmarks - has it been benchmarked against say the same deployment running Tuxedo.


      The above would help me a lot in guiding me towards finding a suitable replacement.



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          Tom Jenkinson Master

          Dear Pieter,


          As the project lead of BlackTie I would like to welcome you to our forum and to answer your questions as best I can.


          Benchmarks - Benchmarking activities are currently scheduled to take place during the development of V3 of the software, of course, if you could recommend a preferred benchmark that Tuxedo already runs against this could bring the work forward considerably!


          Project Adoption - I am not aware of any specific deployment of BlackTie which is being used in a mission critical application today. We are due to release version 2 of BlackTie in the next few months which is where we would aim to enlist the help of specific users in migrating them to BlackTie from other XATMI implementations such as Tuxedo. If you are interested in helping us with this that would be great, just let me know.


          I must say, although it could sound like the technology is new, nothing could be further from the truth really! You see the BlackTie framework itself is a very thin adapter layer mapping the XATMI API onto the core JBoss Application Server, so when you migrate to BlackTie you are really migrating to the number one Java application server, which, of course has many real world mission critical deployments!


          I hope this helps to answer your query,


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            Pieter Janse van Rensburg Newbie

            Dear Tom,


            Thanks, and thanks for the reply.


            I don't have a reference of specific Tuxedo benchmarks being done (can probably acquire these from Oracle), only what we have internally (and unfortunately I cannot disclose that).


            Regarding the adoption - I think we will still wait a while for that, but when the time comes, it might be something to consider. The replacement we are after at this stage needs to happen before the end of the year.


            Thanks again for the answers.




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              Tom Jenkinson Master

              Hi Pieter,


              Thanks for your response, I hope we are able to work with you in the future. If there is something specific we can add/work with you to add we are more than happy to try and do this and schedule it in before the end of the year.



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                Tom Jenkinson Master

                Hi Pieter,


                Just so you know, we just released 2.0.0.Final of BlackTie which I would certain recommend using to evaluate as a replacement for Tuxedo. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!