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    Newbie - How do I avoid the login link in the login page?

    Ran Bittmann Newbie



      I hope this is the right community to discuss this issue since to my understanding it may belong to several.


      When creating a new project with jboss tools it creates a menu.xhtml template that adds the "login" link in the top menubar. This link is defined as follows:

      <s:link id="menuLoginId" view="/login.xhtml" value="Login" rendered="#{not identity.loggedIn}" propagation="none"/>


      When clicking on it, I am directed to the login page. Unfortunatly, since I am still not logged in, the link to the login page still appears on the top, though it is not needed TMHO (I am at the login page).


      Being the newbie that I am, I could not find a good way to avoid it, or understand the logic of it (a link to itself).


      I will appreciate any help suggesting how to fix it, or directing me to a good source where I can find such directions.