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    ExtendedDataTable: how to handle data changes

    Johannes Freudendahl Newbie

      I'm working on a JSF view containg an rich:extendedDataTable and am getting strange behavior (apart from the selection issues covered in the other thread). What I'm trying to do is this: I have a list of values on the left. Depending on what value the user selects, on the right side the table is displayed and filled with the appropriate data. So, depending on the selected value, I change the list of objects to display in the table. I also reset the selection object in the bean to an empty selection and call the reset() method on the table model.


      What happens though is that I select value A and display the table. When I select value B, a new table model is built and the table is rerendered, but I still see the objects from value A.


      There are other inconsistensies (e.g. see this thread), but the fact that switching the table data doesn't work bothers me the most for now. Am I doing this with completely the wrong approach?! I thought about having a table for every value on the left and then just hiding/displaying the tables. But that could get quite insane depending on the amount of values to select, also there wouldn't be much point in using AJAX, I could simply hide and display the tables with jQuery. Any ideas would really be appreciated.


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