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    Server restart does not appear to be noticed by Client

    Mike Miller Newbie



      We are in the process of migrating from JBoss MQ over to JBoss Messaging, running on 4.2.3 GA.   We are using the jboss-remoting.jar from 2.2.3.  A little background, we have a Central server and many Store servers.   We create transactions on the Store servers, which then save to our database and then put the transaction data on a local store queue.   On our Central server, we have a set of MDBs using a Remote JMS Provider definition to actually pull the transaction data out of the queue (mdb) and save it to our Central server.    We have about 400 stores running and our Central server.   For the most part, we are using the base configuration from the JBoss documentation, with the exception that we are in a firewall configuration so in the remoting configuration, we are setting the secondaryBindPort and secondaryControlPort values to the same value, 27900 - based on some previous forum responses from Ron Sigal.


      The problem is that if we stop and restart the Store servers, it seems to happen fast enough that the code on our Central server doesn't seem to notice that the store server has been recycled.   When this happens, we no longer get data from those stores which were stopped or restarted.  This means our stores can not report sales up to our Central server and ultimately out to other systems.


      Sorry for not providing the configuration files now but I am currently at home and the files are at work.  I can post those in the morning.   Just wondering how we need to configure JBM/JBR so that my Central Server recognizes these server restarts in a timely manner and correctly reconnects to the store servers so that our data continues to flow.   Currently the only option is to restart our Central server to get all connections reset.