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    Placing a node in an FQN that is not defined in the configur

    Mushon Cohen Newbie

      Hi All,
      I defined several regions in my cache configuration file:
      One region for fqn "/apples" with TTL of 180 seconds and max nodes 5000
      One region for fqn "/pears" with TTL with TTL 360 seconds and max nodes 2000

      When placing a node into the cache, I accidently placed it under region "/pears" which is not defined in the configuration file (I created an Fqn that looks like this : Fqn("pears","12345");
      I kept the "/_default" region configuration (i copied the configuration from the examples provided in jboss cache downloads).

      It seems that placing the "pears" node worked, as I was able to fetch it from the cache for later usage.
      Can you please explain me where was the "pears" node placed? was it placed under "_defalt"?

      Thanks for the help
      Mushon C.