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    ExtendedDataTable: How to correctly reset selection?

    Johannes Freudendahl Newbie

      Yet another problem with the selection in a rich:extendedDataTable: I offer the user the possibility to add a new row to the table. The object which is displayed in the row is added to the appropriate list in the backing bean and the table's data model, and then I reset the selection which is saved in the backing bean. By reset I mean this:


      {code}newSelection = new SimpleSelection();


      Then the table is rerendered, but the previously selected line is still marked as selected. The new one is selected, too, and the backing bean only knows about the new selection. But visually, both rows are selected now. Both rows also have the exact same CSS classes.


      Can you offer any advice for this behavior? Did I miss a step in programatically resetting the table's selection? Or is this a bug?!