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    Behaviour rich:calendar when selecting a date

    joysn joe Newbie



      i want to use rich:calendar for selecting date values and to update a beans property with the selected date and then to re-render a list with filtered rows based on the selected date.


      <rich:calendar id="dateselector"
           cellWidth="15px" cellHeight="15px" style="width:180px">
           <a4j:support event="ondateselected" reRender="navigatorPanel, calendarPanel"/>


      But when i select a day in the rich:calendar widget then i get the correct date value, but it

      seems that rich:calendar after calling the getter which deliveres the same date value display

      a day before the mentioned date. if i add 2 hours to the delivered date then rich:calendar

      shows the correct selected date.

      I played with timezone but i am not able to get it right.


      Can anybody tell me what i do wrong?


      thanks, Chris