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    javax.ejb.EJBAccessException: Caller unauthorized when calling EJB3 @Service from client code

    Dave Bredesen Newbie


      I'm building an application on JBoss AS 5.1 and ICEFaces.  The application runs in a single JBoss instance currently.  I'm doing authentication via JAAS, using the DatabaseServerLoginModule, and I'm able to login successfully via ICEFaces as follows:


           CallbackHandler cb = new Handler("someuser", password);

           LoginContext lc = new LoginContext("foo", cb);



      Once logged in, I can see clearly that "someuser" has the "admin" role.  Now, I have an EJB set up as follows:




           @SecurityDomain("foo") // corresponds to the security domain above

           public class MyService implements MyServiceLocal {


               public void doSomething() {

                     // do something





      I am trying to call MyBean.doSomething() from my ICEFaces client code as follows:


          InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();

          final String name = "MyService/local";

               service =  (MyServiceLocal) ctx.lookup(name);

               service.doSomething();  // causes EJBAccessException: Caller unauthorized


      Somehow, the callee doesn't recognize that I am authenticated.  I did a bit of debugging, and the caller thinks my principal is "anonymous".


      How do I get EJB to recognize my credentials which were established outside of EJB?  Do I need to pass some extra information to the InitialContext? (I tried setting Context.SECURITY_PRINCIPAL, with no luck...).  Any help would be appreciated!



      Dave Bredesen