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    ExtendedDataModel and rich:datascroller

    Vinicius Martins Newbie

      I have data table (rich: datatable) and associated with it a rich: datascroller.
      I implemented a ExtendedDataModel whereby I provide data to the data table.
      The data scroller and data table are being loaded in the search. But I can not make the paging by the scroller.
      When I click on any number of data scroller, the method walk is called and  firsRow (int firstRow = ((SequenceRange) range). GetFirstRow () ) is always zero.
      I noticed that the attribute page of date scroller is not being updated. When I force a value for this attribute firsRow gets the correct value.
      I think the problem is this, the data scroller is not assigning value to the attribute page. Why? Could someone help me? Thank you.