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    New Portail, skin-portlet problem

    Darlys Toulouse Maldonado Lopez Newbie



      I created a new portail, I  want to edit a page to include a portlet through the option of "Edit  page", the portlet is added but the functions js and css classes are not  imported.

      The file  "gatein-resources.xml" of the portlet looks like this:

              <application-name>name-war</ application-name>
              <portlet-name>name-portlet</ portlet-name>
              <skin-name>NewSkin</ skin-name>
              <css-path>/skin/portal/WebUI/component/portlet-name/DefaultStylesheet.css</  css-path>
      </ Portlet-skin>


      The file "/skin/portal/WebUI/component/portlet-name/DefaultStylesheet.css"

      In the configuration file  "portal.xml" I add the element:
      <skin>NewSkin</ skin> to add the new skin portail.

      Can someone help me.