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    How to stop a4j:poll call h:datatable value method?

    Steliyan Georgiev Newbie

      Hi, My problem is that a4j:poll calls the rich:dataTable value method although I have not set it in the reRender a4j:poll attribute.

      The content of the h:dataTable doesn't really change, which is OK, but calling the value method is a big performance overhead for me. I would like this method to be called only once when the page is first open but not on every poll request.


      Here is my jsf:


              <h:form id="pollform">
                  <a4j:poll reRender="outputA" interval="2000" id="poll" enabled="true" />

          <h:form id="mainform">
              <h:panelGroup id="outputA">
                  <h:outputText value="operationA=#{testPollAction.operationA}"  />
              <rich:panel id="outputB">
                  <h:outputText value="operationB=#{testPollAction.operationB}"  />
              <rich:dataTable value="#{testPollAction.tableData}" var="record">
                      <h:outputText value="#{record}"></h:outputText>       


      and my backing bean in request scope:


      public class TestPollAction {
          public String getOperationA(){
              return "myA:" + new Date();
          public String getOperationB(){
              return "myB" + new Date();
          public List<String> getTableData(){
              List<String> arrayList = new ArrayList<String>();
              arrayList.add(new Date().toString());
              return arrayList;


      On every poll I have the following written on the server output:

      INFO: TestPollAction.operationA()
      INFO: TestPollAction.getTableData()


      As you can see the operationB() method is not called by poll request. I suppose that getTableData() is called because a value method of a table?

      Interesting if I switch from rich:dataTable to h:dataTavle the getTableData() is invoked 4 times on a poll request.

      Am I doning something wrong? How can I fix this?