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    How to use journal-buffer-size?

    Anne Forumer Newbie

      On Windows, using NIO:


      What considerations go into adjusting the journal-buffer-size? Does this value have to be larger than the size of incoming message, etc?


      This topic is not discussed in manual. Any references would be appreciated as well.



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          Tim Fox Master

          You can send messages much larger than journal-buffer-size as long as you remember to set min-large-message-size (see the chapter on large messages).


          journal-buffer-size does not normally need to be changed, but you might get slightly better throughput by tuning it for your particular server, it's value will be very hardware dependent. Try changing it by small increments/decrements to see how throughput performs.


          You can also play with journal-buffer-timeout as explained in the perf tuning chapter, increasing it if you for higher throughput at the expense of latency.