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    Courting Fakereplace to JBoss.org

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      Had a nice chat with swd847 on #jbosstesting the other night.  He's started up "fakereplace"[1] a hotswapping instrumentation library which aims to overcome the limitation of "no changed schemas".


      I think this has some potential to become a valued tool in our expanding arsenal, and I'd like to see how well it incubates.




      (07:37:43 PM) ALR@Freenode: stuartdouglas: Of course we should be courting you under the JBoss community umbrella.
      (07:37:50 PM) stuartdouglas: It stil has a long way to go
      (07:37:55 PM) ALR@Freenode: That's fine.
      (07:38:08 PM) ALR@Freenode: I've been incubating ShrinkWrap here for awhile.
      (07:38:15 PM) stuartdouglas: I would be happy to put it under the jboss umbrella
      (07:38:33 PM) ALR@Freenode: stuartdouglas: Would you like me to set you up with the relevant stuff?  SVN account, JIRA, etc?
      (07:39:24 PM) stuartdouglas: That would be good


      One thing Stuart mentioned is that he'd like to come up with a new project name.  So, given that the JBoss Community is about more than projects conceived by Red Hat employees, I think we should help Stuart to:


      1) Get a new name (and approve through legal, etc)

      2) Do code analysis on the working prototypes currently in place

      3) File the requisite tickets with the .org guys to fire up graphics, SVN, JIRA, etc.


      A second to the motion?





      [1] http://code.google.com/p/fakereplace/

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