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    RiftSaw SVN Reorg/Cleanup




      Now that 2.1.0.CR1 has been released, Jeff and I have been discussing the 'branches' folder in svn and think that it is looking a bit overloaded.


      At the moment it contains temporary work streams, either related to individuals (bbrodt,gbrown,hbraun) or specific features (DBIssue, IntegrationTests, riftsaw-jpa). The problem is that these work areas don't tend to be cleaned up after they are no longer required, and therefore could become cluttered and unmanageable in the future.


      Therefore we would like to propose that 'branches' is just used for actual release branches.


      The one exception to this is the ODE specific branches, including the 'ODE-1.x-fixes' (which is essentially the trunk for our ODE code + fixes), will be under the 'branches/ODE' folder. However the stable releases of this ODE code +fixes, will equally appear in the 'branches' folder.


      So as the result of the recent release, we now have RiftSaw-2.1.x and RiftSaw-ODE-2.1.x in the branches folder.


      The other folders currently in branches should be moved to a new top level folder called 'workspace'. In general, unless the workspace branch is to be shared amongst a number of developers, it is probably better to place it under another folder associated with the developer. That way, the workspace area should also remain relatively tidy


      We will probably make this change in a week or two, so if there are any comments or objections, then please let us know.