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    GateIn LDAP username case sensitive

    Kaare Pedersen Newbie

      hi there,


      i think this is an easy one - nevertheless i can't seem to find the answer anywhere.


      I have ldap enabled gatein 3.1cr1 against our eDir (novell ldap). It works fine - i can login if the user is put in the /platform/users/ group in gatein.


      The problem seems to be case sensitivity on the username attribute. Our usernames are stored in uppercase: ABA


      so if i login as "ABA" with correct password it works.

      if i login as "aba" a new user is created and i get a 403 error page. Loggin in as admin i can now see 2 entries for user "ABA" - one in uppercase and one in lowercase.


      Both of them authenticate with the same password so i know it is using the same ldap entry, but for some reason it decides to create a new user if case is not matching. I have tried to set "allowCreateEntry" to false in the picketlink-idm-ldap-config.xml but it does not help. Have not been able to find the solution so far.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance.


      ps. if i add the lowercase user to /platform/users/ i can login with lowercase too and same password.



      Kaare Pedersen