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    rich:calender as organizer blurs and stretches on rerender, how to avoid this?

    Maynard Witten Newbie



      I am trying to use rich:calendar / a4j:outputPanel as organizer, e.g., like in Exadel demo "Rich Input - Calendra - Organizer creation" (http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/calendar.jsf?tab=organizer&cid=1450335), all is working as expected except for one thing - if user clicks on cell and opens the edit dialog, makes some edit and then presses save button (named 'Store' in Exadel demo), then rich:calendare reRender is called and during this the calendar (actually - the while web page from the user's point of view) stretches or blurs, as it can be seen even from Exadel example.


      Is there some configuration available to avid this unwelcome "animation", I don't think that this can be accepted in productio use.


      One idea can be to rerender one cell from calendar and not the whole calendar, but I don't see - how? Rendered HTML code doesn't contain any explicit component for each cell with the relevant id (which can be referrd in reRender attribute), there is long JavaScript only.


      Another idea can be to rerender the panel on which the calendar sits, but result is the same - the page still stretches and blurs.


      Maybe there is some alternative component (maybe even from other frameworks), that can be used as organizer. Up to no I checked ICEFaces and Apache JSF projects (Tobago etc.), but I didn't manage to find some alternative in respective demo projects.


      Thanks in advance!