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    Use the term managed rather than local

    Dan Allen Master

      In Alpha2, the local container type was introduced. Currently there are two implementations:


      • JBoss AS 5.1 local
      • JBoss AS 6.0 local


      The term local is defined as:


      • Remote + lifecycle


      I'd like to recommend using the term "managed" rather than "local" to describe this combination.


      It's true in most cases that the container is going to be on the same machine. However, with the proper SSH setup, it's possible that a command could be issued to start a container on a remote server. The focus here is not on the fact that the container is local, but that it's lifecycle is managed.


      I propose we rename these containers as follows:


      • JBoss AS 5.1 managed
      • JBoss AS 6.0 managed


      I'm open to another name as well, but I don't think that local is appropriate for this purpose.