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    pickList error: value of UIPickList component is not of type Array or List

    Heri Bender Newbie

      Here my xhtml code:


                  <rich:pickList value="#{dmPermissionListOfRole}">

                        <f:selectItems value="#{dmPermissionListOfRoleInverse}"/>



      and here the code of the backing bean (seam component):


          private List<Permission> permissionListOfRole;
          public void initPermissionList() {...}
          private List<Permission> permissionListOfRoleInverse;
          public void initPermissionListInverse() {...}


      Running this code throws exception:


      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Error: value of UIPickList component is not of type Array or List
          at org.richfaces.renderkit.PickListRenderer.getValuesList(PickListRenderer.java:146)



      The same xhtml has a rich:dataTable with the same value ("dmPermissionListOfRole") which is rendered without problems.


      If I omit the value of the pickList, the error is:


      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Value  of tag <selectItems> attribute is incorrect.
          at org.ajax4jsf.util.SelectUtils.getSelectItems(SelectUtils.java:100)
          at org.richfaces.renderkit.PickListRenderer.encodeRows(PickListRenderer.java:243)
          at org.richfaces.renderkit.PickListRenderer.encodeSourceRows(PickListRenderer.java:359)



      What is wrong? (Using RichFaces bundled with JBoss DevStudio 3.0, therefore I do not know which version of RichFaces is used. Where can I find which version is bundled with JBoss DevStudio?)