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    inplaceSelect onviewactivated event fires when value is not changed

    Ben Vanberg Newbie

      I am using an rich:inplaceSelect with an a4j:support tag which should rerender other components on the page for the event onviewactivated. The problem is that the rerender occurs any time the user navigates away from the inplaceSelect. (i.e. when the user clicks the page outside of the inplaceSelect or hits ESC key.)


      The documentation for inplaceSelect onviewactivated suggests that this should not be the case.


      "onviewactivated fires request only if the value is changed"


      Am I missing something? Or is there something wrong with the code.



      <rich:inplaceSelect defaultLabel="None"
                                      value="#{model.xaxis}" id="xAxisValue">
                      <f:selectItems value="#{model.xaxisList}"></f:selectItems>
                      <a4j:support event="onviewactivated"
      It is the reRender of panelA and panelB that are refreshed when I don't want them to be.
      Has anyone seen this behavior? Is it a bug or as intended? I have verified that the issue persists through 3.3.3.Final.