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    Change in AuthenticatorBase method signature

    Nick Newman Newbie



      A discussion I found  http://community.jboss.org/thread/152438  asked this question, but no answers were posted.  It has become a problem for me too, so I wondered if there would be more answers here.


      So the problem is that the AuthenticatorBase has some methods that have changed their signatures slightly between JBoss 6 M1 and JBoss 6 M2. This breaks existing implementations, although the fix is generally simple because the change in the signature is just from a subclass (Request) to its parent class (HttpServetRequest).


      The REAL problem is that the code used in JBoss 6 M2 seems not to be available.  (Or at least, not easy to find).  The PicketLink Maven scripts, for example, build against the old AuthenticatorBase.  This makes it hard to build new authenticator implementations that work in the latest JBoss.


      So as the original author of the discussion asked, why was this minor but annoying change made?  And if there were good reasons, then why is PicketLink not being built against the new code?