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    toolBar disappearing in IE (6 and 7)

    Nicola Ben Novice

      I use richfaces 3.3.0 (inside seam.2.1.2.CR1) to generate dinamically some menu as the user logs in.
      In firefox my menus (dropdown) are well displayed and work greatly.
      In IE (6 and 7) sometimes the refreshed page doesn't display the menu, and sometimes displayes everything.

       <rich:toolBar binding="#{menuToolBar.menu}" rendered="#{identity.loggedIn}" />

      Where menuToolBar is defined in:

      public class MenuToolBar {
       private HtmlToolBar menu;
       public HtmlToolBar getMenu() {
       LoginInfo loginInfo = (LoginInfo) Component.getInstance(LoginInfo.class);
       return loginInfo.getToolBar();
       public void setMenu(HtmlToolBar bar) {
       this.menu = bar;

      Any suggestions, please?